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File: 1588727321243-1.jpeg (49.06 KB, 312x400, 11B281A9-E07C-461C-B3DA-B….jpeg)

File: 1588727321243-2.jpeg (62.7 KB, 352x400, CDF96ECC-C087-42A1-9147-2….jpeg)


This creepy old dude massage dude has been tricking/paying hot af models for years and he has sex with most. His stuff is insanely expensive. Anyone got any?


His sex videos w regular girls are amazing but retardedly overpriced. His bentbox needs to be hacked


The ones where he has sex with them are few abd far between. I have a few boxes but most dont have sex. I do have all the tamannie hall boxes though and he has sex with her a couple times


I'm just here to give my condolences for that little ass dick. Carry On.


I thought maybe I had seen a set with Carson Barnes that he did on the massage table on Devianart a few years back. He has commented on some of her other sets on bet box which leads me to believe he shot her but I can’t find the set on bentbox. Anyone know if it’s there and that is one of the models he had sex with?


I never understand people who make requests and don’t post a picture. Post a few and maybe it’ll get filled.


It’s not like I asked for someone to post the set, just if anyone had knowledge of it. A question isn’t the same as a request is it?


Lol@stubbornidiot. Instead of taking 5 seconds and attaching a pic of the model he likes he doubles down on dumbness. Good choice.

I’ve got this guys stuff but it was damn expensive so I won’t be the only one. If anyone has any sex vids drop a few pix and lets see.


How does this guy get so many 8s & 9s makes on his table while he’s naked too!?!?!?


Does anyone know which ones he actually has sex with?


File: 1592001598345.jpeg (20.5 KB, 194x260, 2921876A-AB83-4791-8571-8….jpeg)

Everything over $150 is sex. All his other boxes are worthless. We need teamwork lmao. He cums on their backs alot.


Hes fucked a few and most jerk him off. Weirdly sexy af cuz the models are so fckin hot lmao


Not everything over 150 is sex. "most" def don't jerk him off but a few have. They let him grind his dick on their ass and cum though. I know he fucked tammie hall but not sure about others.


200 seems to be the price for sex stuff. Def need a team effort to get his boxes public


One of his boxes mentioned that the crazy old fucker had a stroke!


None of the boxes are guaranteed to have sex. The pricing is almost arbitrary. The only ones I know for sure have sex are taminnie hall boxes and one with a brunette, i have a couple of the other high priced ones with no sex.


Shame on Bent Box high rollers for supporting this garbage business model.


any way we can have the tamminie hall boxes? She is really gorgeous and seeing her getting fucked would be glorious..

Does she also go by any other name?


I’ve got many of his boxes and the $200 rule roughly applies. Hes not a total moron, he knows we want the sex action so he charges more for any sort of sexual activity. The cheaper boxes are just typical naked models and worthless.

I’ve got all the T Hall boxes. He fucks her a few times and she jerks him off a few more. Plus he has a few boxes w her and other models.
If you want them to be shared I can figure out boxes not public and you can up them. These fucking things are expensive lol.


What about Carson B@rne$? Also goes by carsonn. I know he had a massage set with her as he posted it on Deviantart at one time..just wasn't sure if he got to do more with her than posing



Also known as Eliz@beth Electr@. Haven't seen any of those, are they still available somewhere, does anyone have them?



bentbox. co/buybox_verotel?Pw27rV9N
bentbox. co/buybox_verotel?1Pnq3iWt


Maybe the first one but 2nd def isn’t her. I have seen some of her EE stuff and she apparently does BJ stuff on her premium snap but also wants $500/month for it


What does Ee stand for? Wow didn’t know she did such hc content. Yeah that’s a lot of money. Hopefully someone can find more of her.


Instead of us guessing, why not post a pic of this girl you like so we can see who the hell you’re talking about?
If he posted her on dev art, he shot her and somewhere monetized the content. Everything he posts is advertisement.

He also recycles content as often as these models change their names. Plus the main profile picture on each box isn’t always accurate.


Lmao he’ll never post he doesn’t wanna share anything of his internet gf!


Def true. Every girl he posts anywhere is advertisement to sell his boxes so if she was on dev art or tumblr, there is more hardcore stuff on bentbox


there was one model he massage that looked like a youn/tatted long haired miley cyrus. It was on Vk and i have been looking everywhere for that vid


File: 1597164449018-0.jpg (314.43 KB, 1600x1067, 11.jpg)

File: 1597164449018-1.jpeg (75.95 KB, 512x768, 250160077de11eb77dd60be67….jpeg)

I believe this is the model he was referring to…


I don't think that's her. The video was shot in black and white with no sound, but he stretches her in ways that's basically like "hey camera here is what her pussy looks like" Thanks anyway


Bumping for vids


I meant the model above is Eliz@beth Electr@ and she did have a few pictures on Deviantart as I recall. Since she seems to be more of a nude model now, I'd also be interested in seeing if she did any hardcore stuff with ole Petey


For those of you who are thinking of forking out the money to buy his overpriced boxes. I strongly recommend you not to. It's really not worth the $200.

Most of his videos are edited, some in low res and does not contain sound. I'll share what I have when I have the time to access my old files and upload it.


So like, are you physically unable to simply post a pic or 2 of this girl you simp for or is it do you think it’s better to explain her over and over again for weeks on end to no avail???


I posted 2 pics actually. Not sure why you want to keep antagonizing me about it


His boxes are mad random and many of the pics he posts aren’t even the same girl inside the box. I’d say if you have a request post a pic from the sets he shot not some random model pic


File: 1598955880264-0.jpg (412.89 KB, 1526x1908, 1.jpg)

File: 1598955880264-1.jpg (299.05 KB, 1280x1356, 2.jpg)

File: 1598955880264-2.jpg (253.56 KB, 1280x835, 3.jpg)

File: 1598955880264-3.jpg (270.16 KB, 1280x1454, 4.jpg)

File: 1598955880264-4.jpg (337.03 KB, 1280x1505, 5.jpg)

What a man!!


He took pics with fitness model B a I l e y D a n I e l s and it was called voyage of self discovery. Is she in any of these vids? I wanna see her in something sexual.


Posting a few images of the model from his specific shoots would make it easier for those of us who actually have his content.



File: 1599980545647-0.jpg (186.76 KB, 1920x940, cap3-r.jpg)

File: 1599980545647-1.jpg (208.41 KB, 1920x1080, cap1.jpg)

File: 1599980545647-2.jpg (176.26 KB, 1920x1080, cap2.jpg)

He has Intercrural sex (where the penis is placed between model's butt cheeks) in Most of his BOX.
I know he had penetrative sex in few boxes.


what the hell did i just watch


Not the same creepy old fat guy lol. That’s a friend who pays the same whores to molest


Not the first time someone mistook that old fat bald guy for the og old fat bald guy lmao.

I’ve got a bunch of his og boxes too but not that one. You wanna trade?



Ive got a few of the more expensive ones. trading might be the only way to get these without paying full price now, old man isnt reading messages on bb. name at g mail



1, bentbox. co/box?ulMXJpnZ
2, bentbox. co/box?g6x9BKLo
3, bentbox. co/box?f1Hbt5aA

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