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File: 1598805315062.jpeg (68.56 KB, 720x720, DEE87243-D840-4D0A-8D8E-7….jpeg)

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Any of Cheyenne H from Prole? I’m curious if they are as big as they look.


Yes they are. They're nice


How did you see them? I’ve heard she has wins out there


I can confirm… they are definitely some
Nice big ol titties


Damn guys. Everyone gotten to see. Where and how did you see?


Take my photo down ya creep


No leave it & show us your big tits


No. You're all a bunch of weirdo pervs.


Tips or gtfo


Show us your tits & stfu. I see you're still annoying af


Yeah we need to see them.


Where are those lovely tits honey?


I know they are out there.


Bump. I want to see em too.


File: 1600409181959.jpg (836.94 KB, 2254x3000, Cheyenne1.jpg)


That her????


The pic is titled Cheyenne1. Makes me wonder how many more there are.


Yes it's definitely her


Nice big tits


But wheres the rest?


File: 1600498022702.jpg (59.97 KB, 720x694, Cheyenne2.jpg)


File: 1600498089023.jpg (708.29 KB, 3000x2254, Cheyenne3.jpg)


Nice hairy asshole yum


Cheyenne Hines prole Iowa hit her fb up


😂😂😂😂 none of those nudes are mine so you are sharing the wrong girl.


Prove it!


No. Im cool with yall thinking its me. It just means you have none of my stuff 🤷‍♀️😂 have a good day! 😊


Those are far too perky to be hers.


Yeah I wouldnt admit to owning that dirty hairy ass either.


Lol exactly!!! Nice try honey!!!


Lol, you guys can think what you want. You just weren't blessed enough to see mine. Anyone who has seen mine,knows those aren't it. Also, I'd never take a butt pic like that. 😂 anyway, keep dreaming. Mine are much better than that 😊


Show us the real thing then. I got money. Love me a big girl!!! U sexy sexy tho!! I'll give u $500 fo nudes. $250 now & $250 after… I need to see all dat!!!


I'll venmo rn!! $250!!


If you venmo me, sure why not. 😂


What's your venmo??? I need a couple nudes tho




Can’t wait to see this one play out.


They aren't really gonna venmo me that money so no big deal 😂


It would be less fun if they did.


Its actually sick that men are so desperate they post girls pictures on here. I wish I knew the female they're posting under my pic so I could tell her, her pics are out but unfortunately I don't. Its sad. Men need to do better 💯🤷‍♀️




Yeah for real, stfu and go shave your b hole


😂😂 Yall didn't even post my nudes. Yall clearly don't even have access to them. So keep trying 😉


What if we pay you for them??? $500 like that guy said????


I'd love to see the real ones if these ain't it


Pay for them then 😊


With enough patience, they will surface. They always do.


Maybe they will, maybe they won't.


I’m 99% sure those are her pics. If they aren’t, she’s pissed off enough people that they will get posted at some point.


They're hers believe me


I know there are more. I wish I had saved the ones I had. Those do look a lot like her tits.

I heard she does anything for a buck.


Anything huh??? Interesting….


Not gonna lie. Looking at her pics on fb I'd pay to fuck. She a sexy big girl tho. Dimples on fleek lmao


Mos definitely can get it tell baby girl hmu sexy sexy


Her boobs are nothing but stretch marks now.


I mean if yall actually posted my real ones, I wouldn't be mad. They look fire 🔥 and its funny if you think you know me well enough to say "I'd do anything for a buck" 😂😂 clearly, ya don't know me that well. My boobs are "just stretch marks now" 😂😂😂 someones mad. I promise they aren't just stretch marks. They are beautiful though 😘 just like the rest of me.😊


Fuck the haters. Prove em wrong.




I'd love to see you naked I'm sure you very sexy just by seeing your fb pics 😍😍😍


I love how sassy she is. Just imagine capturing her tying her up and vibing her clit while sucking on her tits forcing this sassy bitchy cunt to cum


She's definitely built nicely bet she'd be great in bed sure she could definitely please a man


File: 1601577401954.jpg (473.27 KB, 813x1279, Screenshot_20201001-133456….jpg)

Need more full body pics please


if she was mine I'd fuck her everyday she'd definitely have my dick throbbing


Im with the guy who said he’d rape her Id rape her to. Hey bitch who was acting all tough hows it feel knowing men wanna grab you, tie you up and torture you?


File: 1601586927565.jpeg (77.04 KB, 720x720, 41191EFC-83F2-47C4-B3B7-8….jpeg)


That escalated quickly wtf


Honestly the way she talks she'd prolly b down for a gangbang


id go last when she's had enough & not want to go anymore id push her down & force my dick in her anyways she a big girl so she probably have some fight in her that'd be great lol


I love her confidence. It's sexy af cuz most big girls feel nasty & gross but she said her tits are beautiful just like the rest of her. I fuckin love that. I'd love every inch of her beautiful body too🌹🌹🌹


Haha fuck yeah dude her tied up fucking her with diff toys and your tongue and fingers then fuck her with your cock. She goes from powerful and confident to scared and submissive. Shes bigger to so she would be a fighter at first until trapped


Im still with tying her up and vibing her clit and pussy making her cum and orgasm endlessy


Yea those big ones will definitely fight til they're held down knowing there's no chance of escape that's when the real fun begins cause no more will to fight means you can do whatever you want for however long you want with as many guys as you want taking turns on her be a good night go from a few guys to 50 or 100 because his friend calls his friends then we really have a party


Fuck yes tie her arms and legs and spread them holding them in place then man after man climb on top on her taking turns hopefully everyone goes more than once you even pick up the nerds you know are virgins and bring them there for a turn that would be fuckin hot


File: 1601589797778-0.jpg (6.77 KB, 275x183, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

File: 1601589797778-1.jpg (23.34 KB, 474x303, th.jpeg.jpg)

Something like this but it would have to be tied tight cause I'm sure she would have some fight in her don't want her getting loose lol


You guys are sick to say that about me or another human being. But hey I'm game if you think you're strong enough to get me 🤣🤣🤣 Want my address big strong men I'm so scared of??? 🥺🥺🥺🤣🤣🤣 Cause you're right I do have fight in me. No one will take me periodt. Get a life cause none of you could capture me or even attempt it bye boys keep hoping for my nudes too


Fat bitch we would knock you out we just wanna tie you up cause its fun you stupid cunt . Probably outta breathe typing that response 😭


And tie her up like that second pic and watch her tits jiggle. After we all nut we stick a fuck machine in her and let it keep going


Again like I said I have fight in me so you want to try to knock me out, you can. 👊👊👊 But I guarantee you won't. But if you do, looks like you'll have me for awhile so you can do all those sick fantasies you want to do.🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️ But let's be honest, you're not leaving mommas basement, let alone going to tie me up in any situation cause your flat out too fuckin weak to try. Pathetic pieces of shit lol. I don't get tied down in ANY situation and no internet troll going to start it. No not out of breath typing anything but you will be if you think you can hang with me cause I'll go all night. Can your pathetic dick & friends dicks hang with this pussy???😻😻🌊🌊 Doubt it. I'll wear all you fuckers out. Believe me lol. But you'll never get the chance so keep dreaming creep. Got anything else to add??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Yea she definitely needs gangraped & taught a valuable lesson. She sure is proud & tough on the internet lol


She keeps coming back cause she loves the attention no normal girl would respond like this. Haha yes our sick fantasies but sounds like you low key want that with those massive tits of yours


I'm ready to marry you lol


Maybe I do, maybe I don't. But my point is none of you creeps will ever find out because you're too pathetic. You sit behind your computers all day commenting about naked women. None of you are fucking any of them because you're on here 24/7. So even if I wanted gang fucked, none of you could really pull it off cause you'll be in mommas basement typing away. 💻💻💻 Believe me though, I could get a gang of guys to fuck me all night. But it won't be you creeps lol


And yes my tits are massive, my pussy massive and gets soaking wet and I have a great ass too 🍑🍑🌊🌊😻😻🔥🔥. But you'll never know. Only hope I'd post a nude or someone pays me for some. That's as close as you'll get is pics. Not the actual lol. You have to jackoff and hope for a whiff of my pussy. Go warm up your hotpockets and play with your pathetic dick 🦐🦐


I figured that would shut the creeps tf up. Usually a strong woman will lol 🤣🤣🤣 Gn pervs


Wait, your pussy is massive? Who wants a massive pussy?


You'd be surprised who wants this pussy. You'd fuck me if I offered it to you. Wouldn't last 5 minutes inside me. Goes together quite well with the rest of me.


I'd definitely fuck you


You mean your massive pussy?


Of course you focused on that cause you get none 😂😂😂


I mean, I don’t want any pussy that is massive. Really doesn’t sound enjoyable for either party. I’d let you suck me off I suppose but wouldn’t shower beforehand.


I love how she thought any if us were serious and not trolling 😭


My pussy is not massive but it's phat🍑🍑. That better for ya???? You'd cum in my mouth under one minute 🌬️🌬️🌡️🌡️🥴🥴🥴🔥🔥. You couldn't handle it. I can suck a mean dick👅👅🦴🦴🍆🍆🍌🍌. But again you just have to fantasize about it and play with your little pathetic ass dick lol🦐🦐. You think not taking a shower will stop me???? I've sucked SEVERAL dicks at the same time. If I want it, I get it. End of story. I might put a video up of my skills so you can see EXACTLY what I can do. Might not 😈😈😈


That’s adorable. Too bad it’s all bullshit.


Damn id almost make the 2hr trip to take you up on your dirty thoughts…. too bad I don't have anywhere to privt msg you but id say do what your saying and shut the kids up lmao


What's all bullshit????


You driving two hours you better not waste my damn time 🙄🙄😴😴😴. Bring friends too. Let's see how strong you really are 💪💪 or how pathetic you are 😢😢😿😿 cause it's going to be a fight
👊👊👊 believe me. Serious fight. But who knows, you might get lucky 🍆🍆🌬️🌬️🌊🌊🌊🔥🔥🔥🍑🍑🍑🥴🥴🥴🥴. But I definitely would not try it because I need 🍆🍆 and not 🦐🦐🦐 lol


So you're gonna fight us then fuck us???? Ummm ok lmao


I qasnt one of the group saying they was gunna tie you up and force fuck you i was talking about how you were saying your 🐈 is to die for as well as how good you were for sex so 2hrs wouldn't be a waste js im not part of the gang fuck talk damn


No you're a fucking creep like all the rest of the creeps on here. Like I said you'll have to just play with your little 🦐🦐 and fantasize about my wet dripping phat pussy 🍑🍑🌊🌊 and hot mouth 🌬️🌬️ on your cock . You'd cum too quick anyways 🥴🥴🥴 and we'd be looking at each other bored. I need more than five minutes anyways pathetic little guy lol


You guys realize she posted her own pic for attention and then pretended to be 6 other guys saying they wanna rape her right lol like this is what she does shes an attentiton whore cause nobody wants her. Shes done odd shit like this all her life don’t let her fool you. Nobody would pursue her normally let alone wanna force her plus what woman engages people on the internet. Ya’ll are just playing along with this pyschos game.


I don't think so. I feel like these are different people & not the same person. The responses are way different. U really have to think hard to sound like 6 different people. Idgaf what u think tho, I'd definitely fuck her & no this isn't her at all


You think you know me???? What EXACTLY have I done all my life??? Give me examples of me supposedly talking like I'm other people dipshit. No, someone else posted pics of me from my fb on here and I got a message from someone saying a post was started. I looked at it to see if my nudes were posted and no they were not. So then when those pics of that other woman was posted, I had to set the record straight. I wouldn't even want to spend time trying to be other people. What do I gain exactly dumbass??? So keep talking about me and everything you want to do to me. Idgaf anymore. Done.


Just post your pics and get off here this isn’t Face Book


I'm not going to post my pics on here for you creeps to look at. There is someone on here who does have them named Tom 👀👀. I know how he messages so he's definitely on here. He has my nudes🤞🤞. So if you're lucky he'll post them. If not, then oh well🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️. You can pay to see me 💵💵💰💰. And yes there's men who want me believe it. So many men love big girls but act like they're only into beanpoles. I have men messaging all the time. I actually do like the idea of being force fucked but again NONE of you are able enough to force me to sit down let alone force me to fuck you. I need strong men 💪💪💪, not pathetic wimps 😢😢 lol 🤣🤣. Don't be jelly😤😤 because you have to jackoff to get off 👌👌🦐🦐🥴🥴. I can get fucked morning, noon and night🍆🍆💪💪🌊🌊😻😻😻. Several men at a time if I choose to. You'll be lucky to actually fuck one woman before 2021 lmao. I'm beautiful head to toe. But you won't know unless Tommy decides to post it 💋💋💋 Oh and to the one who said I need more full body pics, hit Tommy up. He has plenty of me 🤳🤳🤳


Tommy huh??? Well Tommy if u out there we should definitely talk bruh cuz I wanna see her beautiful body head to toe


Bump for nudes plz


Ok flubber


Well I'm more than a 5min ride hunny, been slaying college 🐈 like crazy and never have a complaint…i just left another u of I girl happy 10mins ago idc if your big skinny or what if the 🐈 is bomb ima work that shit till its sore. And as for your kitty to be irresistible as you say id have to see it to believe it. So keep dreamin or rantin like a doe in heat cuz a girl like you comes to bed with a bucket of feed and im always down to be the farmer


I'm sure women 👩👩 are all over you because men 💪💪who really slay pussy 😻😻 are on this site posting about women lol. I need to post how a real man fucks this pussy 😻😻🍆🍆🥴🥴 so you pathetic pos know what to expect. I need fucked hard🍆🍆 and long. Don't let me being a big girl fool you. Big hard dicks 🍆🍆 is what I need. Since you're so interested, you might need to start messaging me 📱📱and show me 👀👀 exactly what you are working with because I need it big 🍆🍆 and not a shrimp 🦐🦐. ''8+ at least. Think you can measure 📏📏 up????


I never have to dream about dick. Plenty of men to choose from. That's you creeps fantasizing about me or other women on this site. Like I said you men act like you want toothpicks but you see my big tits, ass and phat pussy and lose your damn minds!! I only dream my dreams because I already had a big hard dick inside me.


How about because I’ve seen the guys you’ve dated, and don’t want my dick to rot off.


Tits or gtfo


Just post the pics already!!!!!


So first whoever commented acting like me, thanks but i dont say periodt ever. Thats first how you know it isnt me. Second you used to many emojis. Next time, dont pretend to type as me. Just type as ya damn self. Anyone thats talked to me knows I dont talk like that soooooo please stop. Thanks.


Lmao ya ok. Can we see some tits please???


No. Yall are disgusting and need Jesus 💯


File: 1602208094937-0.jpeg (1.57 MB, 3920x2940, 859C1EC2-6F11-4F63-84BE-B….jpeg)

Practically her just a little fatter


LOL straight facts niggas really out here sweatin a fat bitch 🤣🤣🤣


Fuck you I'd fuck her. She's sexy af


File: 1602359408355.jpeg (421.89 KB, 828x827, 9A1B0E6B-A096-4913-8E56-C….jpeg)

Those tits though


Holy shit she's fuckin sexy af. I'd get wit her & fuck her every day


Need more full body pics


File: 1602372634934-0.jpg (862.41 KB, 1079x1442, Screenshot_20201010-182127….jpg)

File: 1602372634934-1.jpg (89.39 KB, 293x480, Screenshot_20201010-182227….jpg)

File: 1602372634934-2.jpg (858.99 KB, 1080x2047, Screenshot_20201010-182323….jpg)

File: 1602372634934-3.jpg (478.88 KB, 830x1511, Screenshot_20201010-182418….jpg)

File: 1602372634934-4.jpg (886.47 KB, 1080x2047, Screenshot_20201010-182437….jpg)

Say what you want about her but she's sexy af to me!!! I'd love for her to be mine frfr. She'd be a trophy I'd show off every day


Yes more of these full body pics. Preferably nude next post

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